Rhinoceros mother and baby

Episode 45: Rhinoceros



  • Everybody Sing With Me
  • Rhinoceros
  • Mud

STORY: I’m Not A Rhinoceros

I had a lot of fun with this podcast. Several years ago, a young friend asked if I could tell a story about unicorns. He was fascinated with them. I found I didn’t know very much about unicorns and so did some research. Much to my surprise I discovered that in some parts of the world, unicorns were thought to resemble rhinos! Nothing like our western idea of a unicorn being more or less like a horse with a horn!

My next round of research involved finding out about rhinos. I discovered they can run very fast over short distances and have a keen sense of smell. I used this information, plus other things I learned to create the song “Rhinoceros” where the chorus is:

“A unicorn, a unicorn,
Inside I’m a fleet-footed unicorn.”

Another result of the research was the idea for a story of a rhino who thinks she is a unicorn. That’s how this story about Nellie came about.

The last song is called “Mud.” It is a slow song and I hope you can feel the idea of rolling and wallowing in mud. There are some very descriptive words about the mud—like oozy and goozy, mushy and gushy; plus the opportunity for you to add your own squishy, squashy muddy words.


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