Snow Day

Podcast 32: Snow Day


  • SONG: Everybody Sing With Me
  • SONG: I Can Build A Snowman
  • STORY: The Snow Day
  • SONG: Snow Is Falling

In this podcast’s story we meet Levi who finds out what it’s like to stay home when school is closed because it’s a snow day.

We have two great snow songs, one about building a snowman, and one about falling snow. They are both fun action songs. In the first song, “I Can Build a Snowman,” the snowman gets tall, tall, tall, and then small, small, small as he melts in the sun. Children love to be the snowman as we sing, showing how tall they can be, and then slowly melting to the ground.

The actions are obvious in the song “Snow is Falling All Around” where you can show the snowflakes landing on the roof tops, the ground and on your head, hands and toes. It is also a very adaptable song where instead of snow falling all around you can have rain is falling, wind is blowing, or sun is shining. At Listen Together Podcast we love to be creative!

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