Podcast 44: Mice


  • SONG: Can You Sing Hello With Me
  • SONG: I Can Wiggle My Fingers
  • STORY: Mouse In The House
  • STORY: More Mice In The House
  • SONG: I Am A Little Mouse

This podcast starts with the hello song “Everybody Sing With Me” which has lots of actions we can do together. Next is a song called “I Can Wiggle My Fingers,” which again has lots of actions you can join in with, including falling down at the end of the song. Make sure you fall safely!

Most of the stories in the podcasts are ones I have written, and a few are well-known folk tales. But this podcast has two short stories, both about mice, and both are true. The events in the stories actually happened in my house and with my family. Just a warning – in one of the stories I mention that our cat, Tiger, had died, and that it made us sad. If you have pets, you know you will have to deal with a death at some point.

In the last song you can pretend to be a mouse if you like. First the mouse creeps through the house, then dances, crawls and even strides through the house – not our usual mouse-like movements, but fun to do in the song.

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