Podcast 35: Spiders


  • SONG: I Am Singing Hello To You And You
  • SONG: The Incy Wincy Spider
  • STORY: William And Webster
  • SONG: The Busy Spider

I think this podcast called SPIDERS is one of my favorites. After the hello song we have a nursery rhyme you will know – “The Incy Wincy Spider” – so please sing along. When singing this nursery rhyme with children we often change the words and sing “the teeny tiny spider” or “the roly poly spider” and make our actions and voices match the spider. Can you think of your own kind of spider?

Our story features a spider called Webster that unknowingly becomes a “pet” for William. I have written several stories that involve a group of children who are at school together. Sometimes the story is about the whole class and their teachers, Miss Emily and Miss Hannah, and sometimes about one of the children in the class. William is in this class. Perhaps you recognize William’s friends – James, Flora, Katie, Tom and Zoe – from other stories?

The song “The Busy Spider” is one I composed and is a song I enjoy very much. The words for the chorus are:

I am a busy spider
‘Cos if I want to eat
I have to build a spider web
That’s strong, and sticky and neat.

I hope you will try and sing this part in the song. Now not all spiders make webs, but many do, and that’s what the spider in our story does. I did some research about spiders and building webs and used the information I learned for the lyrics in the song.

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