Crispy Crow

Group of crows on a ledge

Episode 39: Crispy Crow

This podcast is all about Crispy Crow. He is a special part of the creation of Listen Together Podcast—like a mascot. He even features on many pages of the website. You can see him sitting on wires, or peering down from a branch of a tree, watching over things. I love how Sue (the web designer) incorporated him into the design. I especially love how little musical twigs fall out of the tree where the messy crow’s nest sits.

The story tells of Crispy Crow and how he learned to fly. I did lots of research about crows (and learned a lot too!) before writing this story and worked hard to keep it as true to life as possible.

We begin with a hello song, as usual, with lots of actions for you to join in. This is followed by a counting song about crows. After the story we have a song called “I Am Flying” which is about Crispy Crow and how he encourages his brothers and sisters to join him, flying high in the sky.

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