The New Dinosaur

We have a special guest – my friend Jim – reading the story in our podcast this week. The podcast is called THE NEW DINOSAUR, and as you would expect has a story about dinosaurs, and two dinosaur songs. The story involves a group of young dinosaurs we meet in other podcasts. Mary’s Mother takes care of the little dinosaurs in her daycare. In this story a new dinosaur comes to join them.

One of the songs “I Like Dinosaurs” names lots of different dinosaurs and allows the listener to name a couple of his own favorites too. The song “Dinosaurs Lived Long Ago,” which Bethany sings for us, is one I composed. The format of the song is very simple and allows new verses to be added very easily.

Dinosaurs lived long ago,

Long ago, long ago,

Dinosaurs lived long ago,

They lived before you and me.

To create a new verse you need to replace the words in bold. Some of my verses are:

Some dinosaurs ate leaves from the trees, and

Some dinosaurs flew high in the sky.

Be creative and come up with your own ideas.

Children absolutely love dinosaurs, and always seem to know a lot about them. I’m sure your children will have ideas for both of these dinosaur songs. And does it matter if they “invent” a new dinosaur to sing about? Not at all! Who knows – it may be the name used for a future discovery.

So I Like Spikeasaurus” is just as acceptable as “I like Stegosaurus.”