Podcast 33: Cats


  • SONG: I Am Singing Hello To You And You
  • SONG: When The Cat’s Away
  • STORY: The Big Move
  • SONG: I Love Little Kitty

We have a story about a cat called Whiskers who mysteriously goes missing when it is time for Sally and her family to leave their old house, and drive across the city to a new house. The story has a happy ending, but I wonder if you can guess what happens to Whiskers before she is found?

Moving house is a lot of work! On the podcast, I talk about moving house many times as a child as part of a growing family. But as a grown up, I have lived in the same house for many years. What about your family? Have you ever moved house? Can you remember living somewhere different? Perhaps you have been in the same house since you were a baby.

After the hello song, where you get choose an action to put in the song, we have a song that is an interesting mix of old and new. I came up with the snippet of an idea for a song with the words “while the cat’s away the mice will play” with a tidbit of melody to go with it. But the idea never developed into a full-fledged song. So my friend Linda used this idea and came up with a song using snippets of other songs you may recognize and mixed it up with my idea. Hence the old and new! Sometimes it’s good to work with someone and get new ideas. The last song is a well-known nursery rhyme called “I Love Little Kitty”, so you can probably sing along. But I have also added some words that will be new to you.

At the end of the podcast I read a short poem called “Come, Little Kitten” written by my friend Linda. If you like, you can pretend to be a kitten and do all the things the kitten does. I hope you enjoy it.

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