Podcast 38: Lambs


  • SONG: I Am Singing Hello To You And You
  • SONG: Counting Sheep
  • STORY: Jonathan And The Lost Lamb
  • SONG: Mary Had A Little Lamb

The story in this podcast was inspired by true events. When I was visiting my mother in the coastal town Grange Over Sands in England, we went in a shop where the back window had a view of the bay and we saw a small boat going in and out of the little inlets. Asking others in the shop what the boat might be doing, we were told it was probably looking for a sheep!

This particular bay, Morecambe Bay, is known to be very treacherous with the tide coming in and catching people, or sheep by surprise. The grass in the bay is good grazing and sheep can often be seen there, but the farmer has to be alert to the coming and going of the tide. Indeed, over the years, many people have lost their lives in this bay. In the olden days, crossing the sands at low tide was a common short cut, but nowadays there are very few people who have the knowledge to safely cross the bay. Occasionally, it is possible to cross the bay with an experienced guide, but walkers have to be prepared to end up in waist deep water in some places! I do not know if the missing sheep was saved in this instance, but it gave me an idea for a story, and “Jonathan and the Lost Lamb” is the result.

The podcast also includes two songs about sheep – the well-known “Mary Had A Little Lamb”, plus a song composed and sung by my friend Linda, called “Counting Sheep.”

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